I don’t have an overriding theme or style which I use or can be used to identify my work. I work mainly from photos found in adverts, newspapers, books or screen grabs from the internet or off the telly.

I see an image and respond to it, wanting to employ it in a painting or base a painting on a particular image that evokes a thought or feeling.  A photograph is a representation of a person or event, a painting gives more the feeling of a body or event taking place in space even if it is completely imaginary.

TrumpUntitled, 2018. 31 x25cm

“Another fine mess you’ve got me into”. 2020, 16cm x 25cm.

img_3699Meat Liz, 2015. 49 x 70cm

Theresa May, Premier for a ‘day’. 28 x 35cm. Oil on board.

Hows your meditationWhat’s on your mind today? 2017. 59 x 84cm

IMG_3695Pensioners, 2016, 50.5 x 40.5cm

IMG_3698Untitled 2011, 92 x 78cm

IMG_3694Prisoners 2012. 51 x 40.5cm

Yalta 2015, 51 x 70cm

A series of 4 groups of 9 paintings, each 20 x 20cm,

IMG_3706Disaster 9 paintings, each 20 x 20cm

Death 9 paintings, each 20 x 20cm

IMG_3744Despair 9 paintings, each 20 x 20cm

IMG_3795Doom 9 paintings, each 20 x 20cm

moment mori 3 Memento Mori looking to the future, 2017. 60 x 5cm

From The Garden of Earthly Delights to Chernobyl. 2021, Oil, 50 x 80cm.

Miss Havisham in the 21st century. 2021. Oil, 55 x 88cm

Crypto-anarchists, 2019, Oil, 88 x99cm

Dr Tulip’s lesson re-interpreted. A new Chapter. Oil, 2020