Vistas de Torrox paintings

Reproductions of original oil paintings of Torrox town by Graham Sowter, a UK based artist, on canvas or high quality paper, (Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm), at various sizes, (see below).
Impressed by the light and layout of the town Graham completed the paintings after visiting friends in Torrox. He made studies, took photos and completed the paintings back in his studio in London. His friends were impressed enough to suggest that he offer them to others who have also enjoyed their time in Torrox and would like to have visual mementoes of their visit to this delightful town.
He can be contacted at the email address or through his Torrox Costa based friend Christine chris.fitzwa@gmail.com6 paintings together
Vistas de Torrox
1 (5)
La Iglesias del Torrox
Torrox angles
Torrox angles

From High 2

From high

Callejón, Torrox
1 (1)
Yellow step, Torrox
1 (4)
Misterioso, Torrox


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