An ongoing series of portraits; 4 to a sheet. These are faces that I’ve grown up with.

The 4 HOT REDS are international Left leaders from newspapers and films that I semi admire because, despite their negative reputations and actions, they believed in the commonwealth of humanity.

The FORGOTTEN BLONDS are faces from advertising film stills at the front of the Classic Cinema in Hammersmith Kings Street. They enhanced my puberty from the age of 10.

MY FAMILY’S BLACK HEROS are from my family’s (Great Grandfather, Grandfather/Grandmother, Father and Me) interest in and enjoyment of black artists and social reformers. Their contributions to my awareness of the world growing as a child have stayed with me ever since.

UNWANTED IDENTITIES. Kind of odd when you see famous folk in a Mug Shot. It makes them seem more real, less distant and more human. Into each life a little rain must fall.

4 Hot Reds4 Hot Reds 2015. 48 x 67cm. Oil

Blonds 20Fourgotten Blonds 2016. 48 x 67cm. Oil

ChainsBlack Heroes 2016, 48 x 67cm. Oil

IMG_E3987Unwanted Identities 2020, 48 x 67cm. Oil

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