People fascinate me. The shapes of their faces, their expressions, their manner. The way they sit, stand and move. They don’t always like the way I portray them, I don’t always understand why they do like a portrait I’ve made.

In no particular order.

Aloka in his studio, Oil, 2019 52.5 x 61.5cm (NFS)

final 3:4Aloka, oils, 2019, 52.5 x 61.5cm

final close upAloka and Bodhisattva of Compassion, 2019, oils and metalic paint, 2018, 60 x 71cm

IMG_3015Andy, Lord of Peel, IoM, oil, 2019. (NFS)

IMG_3435Iman of Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1998, oil, 2016. 30 x 50.5 cm

Richard in the 70s, 2017, oil, 30 x 48cm

Waheeda 3Waheeda, oil, 2016, 29 x 40cm

FullSizeRender-2Adrian Lester as Ira Aldridge in Red Velvet, oil, 2016. 40 x40cm

NHSNHS Nurse, oil, 2018. 40 x 40cm

IMG_3677Theresa May, oil, 2019. 28 x 34.5cm

IMG_2928John Peel, BBC Radio DJ, oil, 2011. (NFS)

IMG_3701Boxer, Agony and Ecstasy, oil, 2009. 25 x 35cm

IMG_1233Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

IMG_1249Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

IMG_1250Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

IMG_1272Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

Black girl 2Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

Peter from art class 1Peter, oil, 2016. 29 x 40cm

Helen (sort of)Helen (sort of), oil, 2016. 20 x 27cm

IMG_3090Ho Chi Minh, oil stick, 2017 , 2017. 87.5 x 122cm

helen in chairHelen cogitating, oil, 2017. 20 x 30cm, (NFS)

IMG_3368Polly, Paul and Bella, oil, 2018) (NFS)

Yuri M E LYuri Gagarin, oil, 2016. 60 x 50cm

yuri iconYuri Icon, oil and metalic gold paint, 2011. 30 x 40cm

Maria aged 6, 2020, oil, 36 x46cm