People fascinate me. The shapes of their faces, their expressions, their manner. The way they sit, stand and move. They don’t always like the way I portray them, I don’t always understand why they do like a portrait I’ve made.

In no particular order.

Aloka in his studio, Oil, 2019 52.5 x 61.5cm (Reproduction only)

final 3:4Aloka, oils, 2019, 52.5 x 61.5cm

final close upAloka and Bodhisattva of Compassion, 2019, oils and metalic paint, 2018, 60 x 71cm

IMG_3015Andy, Lord of Peel, IoM, oil, 2019. (Reproduction only)

Maha Stavira Sangharakshita (D P Lingwood), my Buddhist teacher. Oil on board, 40 x 60cm.

IMG_3435Iman of Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1998, oil, 2016. 30 x 50.5 cm

Richard in the 70s, 2017, oil, 30 x 48cm (Reproduction only)

Waheeda 3Waheeda, oil, 2016, 29 x 40cm

FullSizeRender-2Adrian Lester as Ira Aldridge in Red Velvet, oil, 2016. 40 x40cm

Adrian Lester as Ira Aldridge in Red Velvet, Mk 2. Oil, 2020. 25 x50 cm

NHSNHS Nurse, oil, 2018. 40 x 40cm

IMG_3677Theresa May, oil, 2019. 28 x 34.5cm

IMG_2928 John Peel, BBC Radio DJ, oil, 2011. (Reproduction only)

IMG_3701Boxer, Agony and Ecstasy, oil, 2009. 25 x 35cm

IMG_1233Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

IMG_1249Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

IMG_1250Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

IMG_1272Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

Black girl 2Model, oil, 2015. 20 x 30cm

Peter from art class 1Peter, oil, 2016. 29 x 40cm

Helen (sort of)Helen (sort of), oil, 2016. 20 x 27cm

IMG_3090Ho Chi Minh, oil stick, 2017 , 2017. 87.5 x 122cm

helen in chairHelen cogitating, oil, 2017. 20 x 30cm, (Reproduction only)

IMG_3368Polly, Paul and Bella, oil, 2018 (Reproduction only)

Yuri M E LYuri Gagarin, oil, 2016. 60 x 50cm

yuri iconYuri Icon, oil and metalic gold paint, 2011. 30 x 40cm

Maria aged 6, 2020, oil, 36 x46cm (Reproduction only)
Leonard Cohen. Wonderful artist RIP. Oil, 23 x 31cm (NFS).
Ken Loach, Film Director, Oil, 2016, 88 x 99cm
Jenny Saville, Blood. 61 x 51cm. Oil on board. 2022

Masai warrior. Oil on canvas, 8” x 8”. 2022 (NFS)

Larry Parisot American Medical Engineer, oil on board 8” x 8” November 2022
Maria funny face. Oil on board, 8” x 8” November 2022
Chris Steele Perkins, photographer. Oil on board. November 2022
Elon Musk, richest man in the world. Oil on board November 2022
4 funny faces. September 2022
Oil on boards 21 x 21cm
HRH in Weymouth 2022.
Oil on board, 30 x 51cm
James Baldwin in Giovanni‘s room. Jan 2023.
Oil on canvas. 29 x 41cm