Cultural Constructors

6 boards of personalities that have shaped History and Culture rendered in pen, ink and water colour.

4 of them with text relating to their occupation.

Art Critics copyArt Critics, 2019, 60.5 x 79cm

IMG_2025Authors 2019, 60.5 x 79cm

LabourLabour Party, 2019, 60.5 x 79cm

IMG_2024Newscasters 2019, 60.5 x 79cm

directorsFilm Directors, 2019, 60.5 x 79cm





Black Achievers. Not a single Rap artist, Hip Hop dude, Soul singer, Footballer, Cricket player, Film star or Fashion model shown here.
The 27 Club ‘victims’. There are, unfortunately, many more from different walks of life Sport, Activism, accidents. These are ‘Rock Stars’ and apart from two – plane crash, murder – the others died ‘by their own hand’ i.e. alcohol/drug overdose. Fame at too high a price.