Lots of artists paint and draw Self Portraits. Van Gogh did 35, Lucian Freud did more than 50 and Rembrandt came in with a whooping 80 (some say closer to a 100) which would be more than 1 a year. Cindy Sherman uses herself as her own model in her ‘tableau’ photos. As they are sold as reproduced photos they must run into thousands.

My efforts are a lot more modest with 8- so far. It is cheaper to paint oneself than hire a model but it is also a way of telling a story- one’s own story. Looking back at them after a lapse of time “Occasionally there’s a vision which makes us … gasp – gasp as one does before a revelation’, (John Berger, Portraits).

Still looking.

Iphone and art app portrait, 2010
The Four sights, started 2008 and keeps changing. Oil.
With hat from Thailand, 2021, pastel.
Watercolour, pen and ink, 2019.
Imaginative interpretation, 2010, oil.
An interpretation ‘Heaven and Hell’, 2016, oil.
Wrinkled after a scuba dive, 2020, oil.
Coin of various realms portrait, 2017.