Lots of artists paint and draw Self Portraits. Van Gogh did 35, Lucian Freud did more than 50 and Rembrandt came in with a whooping 80 (some say closer to a 100) which would be more than 1 a year. Cindy Sherman uses herself as her own model in her ‘tableau’ photos. As they are sold as reproduced photos they must run into thousands.

My efforts are a lot more modest with 8- so far. It is cheaper to paint oneself than hire a model but it is also a way of telling a story- one’s own story. Looking back at them after a lapse of time “Occasionally there’s a vision which makes us … gasp – gasp as one does before a revelation’, (John Berger, Portraits).

Still looking.

Iphone and art app portrait, 2010
The Four sights, started 2008 and keeps changing. Oil.
With hat from Thailand, 2021, pastel. 50 x 76cm
Watercolour, pen and ink, 2019.
Imaginative interpretation, 2010, oil.
An interpretation ‘Heaven and Hell’, 2016, oil.
Wrinkled after a scuba dive, 2020, oil.
Coin of various realms portrait, 2017.
The Meditator, oil on board, 2022. 51 x 61 cm.